Samsung Note 2 N7100 Handsfree Speaker Ways Solution


Samsung GT-N7100 Speaker Ways Ringer Problem Jumper Solution

This is Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 solution for not working buzzer, ringer or hands free loud speaker problem. This solution may help if the problem does not lies on the speaker or already tried replacing it, but still there is no tones or media sounds can be heard on the phone.

This solution provide and point out which components needs for check up if the speaker has no audio sound output. Just refer to it and locate the highlighted components.

Samsung Note 2 N7100 Speaker Failure Problem solution

Samsung GT N7100 Speaker Ways Ringer Problem Solution
Solution By d-Artigo

Samsung Note 2 N7100 Handsfree Speaker Ways Solution

If the speaker is working, you may first visually check the speaker terminal spring connectors, ensure that it still properly aligned and in good solder, clean it if there is an oxidation build up found.

Hints to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 Speaker or Ringer Problem Repair Solution:
Check the speaker assembly for possible damaged and or misaligned. Use a multimeter to check it, replace if already busted.
If the speaker is okay, check and clean the speaker terminal contact pads. Corrosion might weakened and loosen the connection.
Trace the speaker+ and speaker- connection to each certain components where it is being connected.
Check and replace the filter capacitor and resistor components.
If the above method doesn’t fix the problem, the possible defective part is the Main chip IC.
Reworking or replacing it might only fix the problem, but that tasks needs a good soldering skills. So, don’t touch that chip if you have not enough knowledge in reballing a ball grid array (BGA) chips.

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