Samsung SM-G350E LCD Display IC Solution Problem Ways


Samsung SM-G350E LCD Display IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways

if you have a Samsung Galaxy Star Advance SM-G350E lcd light off, first you try to replace lcd normal or good, if by replacing lcd unsolved problem, you can just re-solder connectors to be sure if the connector lcd lcd no problem, if the men do not produce solder connectors result, you can track me checking lcd lights according to the picture below. Good luck …

Hardware Solution:
To fix the dark screen display problem, you may first try to replace or install a new Display screen module, to easily confirm if the LCD’s backlight LED’s were still working or already damaged.
You can also check the Light using the multimeter if you can manage without damaging the LCD flex connector.
If the newly installed LCD still shows the same problem and the LED light doesn’t light up, refer to the solution below and locate the highlighted components on the PCB board.

Samsung SM G350E Display Light Problem Ways
Solution Picture By d-artigo

Trace also each connection line paths were it is being connected to a lighting section.
If any track line is missing just make a jumper.

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