Repair Samsung GT-S7710 Touchscreen Problem


Samsung GT-S7710 Touchscreen Ways Touch Problem Jumper Solution
If you are looking and having trouble finding where to put a jumper if the touchscreen pin connector is already gone or lifted due to water water damaged on Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 S7710. This solution might help you to ease out your hard time finding where to solder a jumper wire on it just to fix a touchscreen not working problem.

Let’s have a look at Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 touch screen problem and its step by step solution.

Samsung GT-S7710 Touch not responding
Samsung S7710 Touch screen not working.
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 Touch screen Problem.
Slow Response.

Hardware Solution:
samsung gt s7710 touchscreen connecter ways jumper
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The very first thing that you need to do is to unplug, clean and reconnect touch screen connector strip and check, in most cases this has found to be a good and effective solution of this problem.

If the above step fails then look for any traces of water damage on your Samsung S7710 motherboard. In case you find that then properly clean the entire board and also use a heat gun for a few seconds so that there are no traces of water left behind. This is also a one effective solution for that and any phone that has touch screen problem due to water or moisture is able to overcome this type of problem.

Now re-solder on-board connector tracks and check.

If everything else fails then gently heat Touch IC. If the touch screen is faulty replace it, as you don’t have any other option left than that.

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