Repair Samsung SM-G355H Display Light Problem


Samsung SM-G355H Display Light Ways Problem Jumper Solution,White Screen,Blank Display Problem

Here’s a troubleshooting hints for Samsung Galaxy Core 2 G355H Display Lcd Light problem such as blank display or no display at all and otherwise a corrupted or garbled display. This solution may help you for easy repair procedures.

The quick step to fix display problem, is that you have to verify a working LCD, just replace the LCD screen module at once just to ensure that the LCD is working or not and then proceed to hardware troubleshooting after confirming that the LCD is still fine. Just locate the highlighted components shows on figure solution picture below and do have a careful check up on each one of them one by one.

Samsung SM-G355H Display Problem Hardware Solution:
Samsung Galaxy Core 2 SM G355H Display Connecter Ways Jumper Solution
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Check the display pin connector, clean it, rework or re-solder it if necessary.
Check the capacitors replace if necessary, and then check the VBAT voltage and the VIO voltage on it. Those are the supply voltages for the display
Check the DSI line choke filters
If those parts above already checked and seems nothing wrong, the problem possibly exist on the Display UI chip. Reworking or replacing it will only fix the display problem

Samsung SM-G355H Display Light Jumper,No Light On Lcd,Light Problem Solution,Samsung Galaxy Core 2 G355H Light Ways Solution,Repair Display Problems

For damaged or lifted display pin connector or due to wet or water damaged, here’s the tracing guide if you might think that the problem lies on a broken display signal line paths.

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