Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 S6500 Charging Problem Solution


Samsung GT-S6500 Charging Ways Problem Jumper Solution

Fix a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 S6500 Charging Problem – This time we will discuss about the issues on Samsung S6500 Not charging or charging path GT-S6500 although Samsung phones are still relatively new, we will try to give you some simple tips on how to fix a Charging problem .

Before unpacking your mobile phone, it helps if you try again with a normal charger, make sure that it is true there are problems charging on the phone, not until after you jailbreak it, the damage is only on your mobile phone Charger, will be enough to waste a lot of time if it it happens. If confirmed charger in good condition, you can try the following steps.

The first step you should do is to check the physical condition of the charger connector, if there is physical damage due terlihata broken, water damage or corrosion, you can try replacing the first charger connector, be careful when unplugging the charger connector, charger connector so that the path is not participate uprooted. If this first step does not work you can try the second step.

Samsung GT S6500 Charging Ways Problem Solution
Solution By d-artigo

The second step checks charger connector lines as shown above, check one by one the charging path, if there is a path-breaking, do be careful jumper, good luck.

Samsung GT-S6500 Charging Ways,Jumper,Not Charging Problem,Charging  Solution.

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