Samsung GT-I9152 Display Light Ways Lcd Problem Solution


Samsung GT-I9152 Display Light Ways Lcd Light Jumper Solution
This solution may help fix Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 GT-I9152 that shows a dark display over LCD screen.This problem is a failure of the LCD’s white backlight LED bulb. To quickly fix the problem you may check the highlighted components showed below. Those are the key components that holds for the LCD’s backlight LED.

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Hardware Solution:
Samsung Gt-I9152 Display Light Ways
The First Check Its Light Path At Pin 17-21 And 23
Rehot Or Replace The Lamp Ic U601
See Picture Below:
Samsung GT I9152 Display Problem Solution Lcd Light Ways
Solution By d-artigo

Samsung GT-I9152 Display Light Ways Lcd Problem Solution,Repair Jumper

Here’s some hints on how to troubleshoot the “Samsung Galaxy I9152 LCD display backlight not working problem”.
” Note: ensure that the LCd is okay or try replacing it before proceeding”
1. Check the LCD pin connector for possible damaged, resolder if necessary.
2. Trace each of the LED + (positive and LED – (negative connection line paths down to the resistors where it is being connected.
3. Check the connected resistor, replace if found damaged.
4. Check the volts battery voltage (VBAT) across the inductor coil, check also the coil for possible open circuit.
5. If the voltage reading is okay and the coil is good. Replace the the LED driver IC U601.

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