Samsung GT-I9505 Power Key Ways On-Off Button Jumper


Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE I9505 charging ok, flash ok, but not powering phone, this mean power button cut/line problem.So now follow simple power button jumper ways.
If you are facing an energy problem in Samsung I9505 diagrams in this article can help. Continue with the following troubleshooting solutions and establish bridges necessary for the points that have been damaged.

Hardware Solution for Samsung GT-I9505 On/Off switch

Samsung GT I9505 Power Button Ways Switch Jumper
The first thing you need to test is there any water damage or dust.
if any thing just clean it with the help of IPA or any cleaning liquid.
If same problem then check the Track ways of Samsung I9505 power on/off switch. Marked in below image.
If any of the track is missing make a jumper with the help of jumper wire.

Samsung GT-I9505 Dead does not start Solution
Samsung I9505 keys Power Jumper
Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 On Off Button Ways

Samsung Galaxy S4 Lte I9505 power button point Trick damaged bridge. Trace point of damage to the meter or check off switch with a new one. We can check problem button to connect the phone to the charger with mobile entertainment indicator appears on the screen and pressing the power button, then this is a power button problem. See diagram and apply jumpers as diagram.

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