Samsung GT-S7270 Mic Solution Modification Ways


Samsung GT-S7270 Mic Ways Solution Problem Jumper

Okay, here’s another solution for Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 S7270 that might useful in troubleshooting a microphone or MIC problem. This solution shows the connection line paths and components that hold for microphone circuit to work on Samsung GT-S7270 phone. This may help only for hardware related problem., like wet damaged or oxidized causes.

Samsung S7270 MIC is not picking up the voice clearly. (Listener encounters distorted sound)
Not able to record voice notes in a specific type of Apps.
A listener is not able to hear during a call at all.

Samsung GT S7270 Mic Solution Modification Ways

Here’re some hints on fixing the MIC problem:
1) Visually check all the highlighted components holds for the microphone, clean using a liquid cleaner kit if an oxidation build up found.
2) Check MIC+ and MIC- connection line track or path for possible open.
3) Check replace the coils, capacitors and resistors connected in the MIC circuit.
4) Replace the microphone module.

Now I will explain how to install the mic china on Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 S7270
Note the picture above to perform the installation:
On line mic (red wire) I added a capacitor 2.2k, why I added the Power ic capacitor because the voltage is too small for the size of the chinese mic, before I add the capacitor on track, I can only record mic sound. the results were the pretty good record. but when I call someone via cell phone to try apakha mic is working or not. apparently my voice could not be heard by the people who were my phone. The resulting sound is very bad or bad at the hearing.

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On line mic GND I also added a second resistor so that the balanced mic line. Note: If you install the mic china on Samsung phones, but you do not add a capacitor and resistor then the phone mic sound you heard was not too good. you should add a capacitor and resistor in line mic. How to install mic china on Samsung GT-S7270 100% successful.

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