Nokia 130 Lcd Ways Display Problem Solution


Nokia 130 Lcd Ways Display Jumper Problem
This solution covers for hardware level of repair for Nokia 130 Display Problem and Also you will find Nokia 130 Display Ways and Jumpers information in the diagrams in this article.

Just see the solution preview below for it shows which components needs to be check and replace if the there is No Display Working on phone or Display problem of the Nokia 100 goes wrong. This solution may help if you already done a software calibration method and tried replacing the Display but the problem continues.
Do these solutions step by step.

This solution may help for a water or wet damaged and accidentally, heavily dropped phones.
The Problem occur because of faulty Display or bad it’s connection to the Mobile Phone’s PCBA Motherboard.
You Can Use any cleaning liquid for this purpose like CTC or any other you prefer.

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Here is the Solution for Nokia 130 Display Problem Ways.
Nokia 130 Lcd Ways Display Problem Solution Jumper
Nokia 130 Lcd Ways Display Problem Solution, Nokia 130 LCD Display Light IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways LCD Display Light Not Working.

Hints to fix Nokia 130 Display Problem Repair Solution:

Check the display connecting, clean it, rework or re-solder it if necessary. .
Check the display or change the new display.
Check the display ways(Marked in above image)
If display ways already checked and seems nothing wrong, the problem possibly exist on those component check & replace it.

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