Nokia Asha 300 Touch Screen Problem Jumper Solution


Nokia 300 Touch Screen Ways Touch Ic Jumper Solution
Solutions in this article are for Nokia Asha 300 Touch Screen problem. If your Nokia 300 touch screen is not working diagrams in this post can be helpful to you.

Let’s have a look at Nokia Asha 300 touch screen problem and its step by step solution.
Asha 300 Touch not responding
Nokia 300 Touch screen not working.
Asha 300 Touch screen Problem.
Slow Response.

Manual Solution
Here is the manual solution of Nokia 300 touch screen problem:
Restart your Nokia 300 and Check.
Factory Reset your phone (Make sure to Backup your entire data)

Hardware Solution:
nokia asha 300 touchcreen ic jumper
remove ic touch N6100 and jumper
Nokia Asha 300 Touchscreen Ways Touch Ic Jumper Solution
Nokia Asha 300 Touch Screen Problem Jumper Solution

Jut also check out all the corresponding components where the particular pins is connected for it will also cause the problem if already damaged or corroded. The two coils are for the touchscreen supply voltages 1.8V and 2.8V , the corresponding resistors are for the touch screen data signal filters which has a rated value of 100ohms each. So, that’s it and hope this helps to you on fixing Nokia Asha 300 touchscreen problem.

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