Samsung SM-G355H Wifi And Bluetooth Problem Repair Solution


Samsung SM-G355H Wifi Problem Bluetooth Not Working Repair Solution.
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems in SSamsung Galaxy Core 2 SM-G355H Wifi And Bluetooth Problem Repair Solution can arrive due to any of the reasons, and the worst thing is that there are a great number of problems involved in that, and any problem can arrive at any time and due to any of the reasons.

Wi-Fi Problems
Wi-Fi is not connecting on your phone.
Wi-Fi device not found.
Wi-Fi appears to be disabled.
Data packets not transferring.

Bluetooth Problems
Phone not pairing with other phone.
Data transfer failed.
No Device was found.
Bluetooth appears to be disabled.
Data packets are halted during transfer.

Reasons of Problems
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings might be out, as this thing also causes this problem.
Sometimes Samsung SM-G355H device’s Wi-Fi might not be compatible with router.
Bluetooth of other device might be out of order.
Your phone or other device might be invisible, check visibility status.
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antenna or its contact pins might be damaged. This normally happens due to rough usage or any kind of physical collision.
Circuit from secondary antenna might be open.
Problems could be with your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IC.

Samsung Sm-G355 Wifi
1. Check Bt + Wifi Antenna Her
2. Wifi Ic Rehot Or Change Its
Samsung Wifi Bt Ic + You Can Get The Samsung:

1. Gt-P5100 = U213
2. Gt-P5110 = U213
3. Gt-P3100 = U203
4. Gt-S5312 = U200
5. Gt-5282 = U201
6. Gt-S7262 = U205
See The Image Below:
Samsung Galaxy Core 2 SM G355H Wifi And Bluetooth Problem Repair Solution

Samsung SM-G355H Wifi And Bluetooth Problem Repair Solution

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Clean Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antenna contacts as well as antenna contact pins and check.

Gently pull up antenna contact pins and check, if that doesn’t work then you need to re-solder your antenna contact pins.
Now check continuity of secondary antenna, if circuit is open then place a jumper across, it will get the job done right.
If all of the above mentioned steps fail then gently heat Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IC, if it still fails then replace it, this will surely get the job done right, but make sure that this step should be considered as the last option.

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