Samsung SM-G7102 Charging Ways Solution Usb Jumper


Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 G7102 Charging Ways Problem Jumper Solution

In case you are trying to solved Samsung SM-G7102 with Charger error problem when the charger is plug-in this solution may possibly help for your troubleshooting.

Usb not working
Phone no charging.
Phone show’s “PC Connection”.
Battery heats up.

Reasons of Problems
Might be the problem in charger or charger’s pin.
It also happens due to the dust present in charging connector of your phone.
Dry soldering of charging pins, you need to re-solder them again. However for that you need to remove metal sheet over charging pins with the help of a heat gun in order to access charging pins for soldering.
Might be due to uneven voltage. It happens due to faulty circuit.
Fuse or Capacitor might also be faulty.

It is always great that if workaround methods are able to resolve your charging problems, as none of us wants to go into the hardware of their phone.
Check with any other original Samsung charger.
Clean charging connector of your phone from outside and check.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 Charging Hardware Solution
Check, clean or replace the charging pin connector (DC jack). clean also the PCB pads.
Check/replace the Charging connector.
Check the charging voltage (VCHARGE).
Check the below image for Charging Ways.
If any Track ways is missing just apply jumper.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 G7102 Charging Ways Usb Jumper Repair Solution


Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM G7102 Full Charging And Usb Ways Jumper Solution
Trace the charging usb Ways Marked in above image. If any of track ways is missing just make a jumper with jumper wire.

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