Samsung SM-T211 Display Ways Lcd Problem Solution


Samsung SM-T211 Display Light Ways No Light On Lcd Problem Jumper Solution

This is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T211 Solution for an abnormal display problem, such as blank or empty screen, garbled or dark screen display. This solution may works if you already tried installing a new LCD screen module and tried updating the device firmware but still the screen went wrong.

Refer to the solution below and do trace the LCD soldered pads connector down to the corresponding components such as the resistors.

How To Repair Samsung SM-T211 Display Problems.

Samsung SM T211 Display Ways Solution Lcd Ic Jumper
Turn off your device, take the sim out, remove your battery and SD card.
Now get a screwdriver according to size of your device screws. Open all the screws one by one carefully and put them into a safe place.
When all the screw are done lift the back case up.
Now carefully remove the strips that are attached with the board.
After removing all the strips, now take the board and place it on the clean surface.
Get a blower a give a heat cleanup to your board.
If all of above steps fails Change Lcd
Check display lcd connecter
Change or modify resister as shown in above image
Now place the board back and attach all the strips that you have remove before and place the back case back as it was before.
Power on your device and I am sure black, white screen issue will be fixed.

Samsung SM-T211 Display Ways Lcd Problem Solution.

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