Solution For Nokia 130 No Earpiece Speaker Sound


Nokia 130 Ear Speaker Ways Earpiece Problem Jumper Solution
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have just finished replacing a defective part in your Nokia 130, but when you power it on you get no sound from the earpiece? It’s a very common problem in mobile phones, and luckily, the problem can be easily solved after finding the cause. So here we tell you how to find and solve the problem.

First, you may need to check the earpiece speaker and try to install a replacement spare on it. Also, ensure that the speaker terminal contact pads on the PCB board are cleaned.
You may then refer to the solution below for it shows the connection line paths of the earpiece speaker on Nokia 130 for further troubleshooting.

Hardware Solution:

Nokia 130 Earpiece Speaker Audio Ways Problem Solution
Nokia 130 Ear Speaker Ways Earpiece Problem Jumper Solution

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Hints on repairing Nokia C130 not working ear speaker problem:
1. Check the Receiver speaker terminals if not misaligned and or damaged then test it using a multimeter, replace if found damaged.
2. Clean the ear speaker terminal contact pads on the PCB board.
3. Check/ replace the filter coils and capacitors.
4. Trace the speaker connection paths from the filter coils down to the PCB terminal pads.

If after following all these steps your Nokia 130′ earpiece still doesn’t work, then one thing for certain, you need to replace your ear speaker. Replacing the ear speaker should solve the issue.

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