Samsung Galaxy Win I8552 Power Button Ways Switch Jumper


Samsung GT-I8552 Power Button Ways On Off Key Jumper Solution

The Reason for this problem could be anything. This could either be due to water damage or just the basic wear and tear. In the case of basic wear and tear, power button losses its Springiness hence you need to press it harder than usual for it to make it work for you or it could either fail completely.

Besides that, a problem in power button might also cause your phone to restart at times, which becomes very much annoying and it troubles you to the masses.

Hardware Solution
Check Battery voltage and make sure that battery is fully charged (always use Samsung Original Battery)
Check battery connectors for water damage or corrosion, clean it with cleaning solution or you can either solder it if required.
Now check power button’s usual action.
Also verify the continuity by using multi meter at the two end of power button while pressing the connection at the same time, if there is no continuity then it means the power button is faulty.
If that doesn’t solves the problem then,

Check voltage across the pins of power button (it should be 2.8v), then repeat above mentioned steps.
If there is no voltage at button and the button looks good then check its connections as defined below:
Samsung Galaxy Win GT i8552 Power Key Ways On Off Switch Jumper

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