Samsung Star 2 S5260 Sim Ways Problem Solution Jumper


Samsung GT-S5260 Sim Card Ways Solution Problem Jumper

Samsung Star 2 S5260 Sim card problem, how to fix the problem sim card on the Samsung Star 2 GT-S5260, the problems on the connector or connector sim card sim card problems, the problems on the path to the sim card connector or connector lines sim card broke, the two issues we will provide instruction or step by step to fix it.

How to fix the sim card lane Samsung Star 2 GT-S5260

To track sim card Samsung Star 2 S5260, perform repair pathway sim card there is only one way only, that is doing jumpers broken lines, where and from which direction the path sim card Samsung GT-S5260 you have to do a voltage check working sim card via Multi tester, so that you can know which path to drop out and you must also track where the jumpers are not breaking up, after you after you know the path-breaking / not issued voltage, you just check back to the capacitor / resistor where the direction of the path , which still produce a voltage, for you reconnect, where and from which direction the line do not need to search, you need to do is check that the path is still working voltage sim card issued via multi-tester, and reconnected to, the following full path sim card, please open.

Samsung GT S5260 Sim Card Ways Problem Jumper Solution

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