Nokia 106 Display Light Jumper Lcd Problem Ways


Nokia 106 Display Light Jumper Lcd Problem Ways
Nokia 106 Display Light Ways Solution Lcd Jumper

This solution below shows the Nokia 106 LCD display backlight components that holds and control for the LCD screen display backlight to glow. If one of these components may become faulty due to wet or water damaged it will result to LCD’s backlight failure.

You may need to trace the connection line tracks, supply voltages and check some of the backlight LED driver components shown on the solution above. You may start to check the highlighted components for it is more prone to be easily damaged when a short circuit occurred. Check and replace if already found damaged.
Solution for Nokia 106 Not working LCD display backlight LED White Display Problem
Nokia 106 Display Light Jumper Lcd Problem Ways
Check your entire motherboard for any traces of water damage, in case you find moisture on any part of the board clean it with the help of cotton cloth. Besides that you can also use blow dryer for few seconds in order to completely eliminate moisture from your phone.
If the above-mentioned steps doesn’t work for you then re-solder on-board display connector pins, as sometimes the pins become dry solder and cause different problems.

If everything fails then check with any other good and working LCD Screen.
The above-mentioned steps will surely help you to resolve all of your Nokia 106 Display screen problems, hence allowing you to use your phone flawlessly without any trouble.

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