Nokia Asha 501 Mic Ways Solution Problem Jumper


Nokia Asha 501 Mic Ways Solution Problem Jumper

Here’s the Nokia Asha 501 Solution for not working mic problem. This solution below shows the complete connection tracks of the microphone that can be used for deeper microphone problem troubleshooting.

To fix or repair mic problem on Nokia 501, you may first check the microphone module using a multimeter or replace it with a new one to securely confirm that the microphone is still working or not damaged.
If the Microphone is okay, clean the mic’s terminal contact pads. Refer to the solution below and do some check and test procedures.

There is a very slim chance that your phones will get and Mic related problems because Microphones in Nokia Asha 501 are soldered on the motherboard. Still if you by chance damage there soldering prints here are the Nokia 501 Microphone jumper ways.Please be careful while making any hardware solutions.

Nokia Asha 501 Mic Problem Repair Solution
Nokia Asha 501 Mic Ways Solution Problem Jumper

If there is a way out of this is lost you can apply a jumper as shown in the diagram fix.

In the diagram mic fixes several small circles indicate that you can apply a jumper on these points if any parts are missing or damaged. And in broken link You can also apply a jumper at the same place as provided there.

Well maybe we explain an article about Nokia Asha 501 Mic Jumper up here, so if you do want to know the latest news news.

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