Nokia Lumia 800 Charging Problem Ways Usb Solution


Nokia Lumia 800 Charging Problem Ways Usb Solution Jumper

Let’s start from the Reasons of Nokia Lumia 800 charging problem. The main factors is water drops going in the Charging connector slot, faulty or bad chargers is plug-in and Other factors is the phone is dropped, encountered any physical damage, charging ic/capacitor/diode are might be faulty or burned.

So, If the phone is damaged above the reasons and resulted to no charging indication or charging IC is Warming. therefor we give solution for Nokia Lumia 800 charging is not working and we believe It is very helpful for you. follow our induction to FIX this problem.

Before doing, Be sure to check the battery and charger are Exactly working condition. then verify the phone’s USB pin connector is broken or any fault.

Nokia Lumia 800 Charging Problem Ways Usb Solution Jumper
Check the charging (+) and (-) line paths are short using multimeter, if it shows short them, remove/replace the diode, capacitors and filers. also replace the fuse. Note: use these work at your own risk.
Check all the components shown on the image above.
Make sure that each of USB PIN connection paths are connect with charging parts.
after the full testing, if it still not work please replace the charging IC. then it will work.

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Nokia 800 Charging Solution Jumper Problem Ways No Charging Not Supported
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