Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T235 Charging Ways Solution Jumper


Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T235 Charging Ways Solution Jumper Problem Repair

Today we will try to discuss the issues on charging or charging Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 T235, charging or charging problems often experienced by all cell phone brands in this world, this problem would make the dead lice or mobile phone users gadgets. Damage to the charging Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T235 usually occurs because the plugins that have been damaged. Here are the steps to solve charging problem.

The first step that should be done is to replace the charger plug or the charger connector, usually  damage to the pin or needle in the charger plug. If after replacing the plugin does not solve the problem. Try the next step.

The second step checks charger lines as in the picture below, if there is a path-breaking try to do the jumper.

Reasons of Problems
Phone could be water damaged.
Dust particles might be present in charging connector.
Your charger might be faulty.
Connection in the phone might be broken.
Phone is encountered any physical damage.
Any of the capacitors might be faulty.
Charging IC might be faulty.

Hardware Solution
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T235 Charging Ways Solution Jumper

If the charging is slow then all you have to do is to check with any other Samsung charger, but you have to make sure that the charger is original, as slow charging issues almost always occurs with phones using 3rd party chargers.
Clean battery charging pins and check.
Clean charging connector pins.

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