Samsung SM-G530H Power On-Off Button Ways Solution


Samsung SM-G530H Power On-Off Button Ways Solution Key Jumper

One of the most common issues that are found in Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime G530H is its power button problem. The reason for this problem could be anything. This could either be due to water damage or just the basic wear and tear. In the case of basic wear and tear, power button losses its Springiness hence you need to press it harder than usual for it to make it work for you or it could either fail completely.

Besides that, a problem in power button might also cause your phone to restart at times, which becomes very much annoying and it troubles you to the masses.

Here’s some tips on how to fix the Samsung SM-G530H with a not working power On-OFF/End key problem. IF the device shows charging indication when the battery charger is plug-in but however it doesn’t TURNS ON when the power key is being pressed. This solution below might possibly help fix the problem.
Samsung SM G530H Power On Off Button Ways Solution

When it comes to hardware, the very first thing that you need to do is to re-solder power button strip and check its on-board connector for any loose contacts.

If the above method not working replace new power button strip.
Check power switch connection line paths across to each components where it is being connected.
Samsung G530H power Switch Ways problem Repair Solution

If seems that the keypad flex matrix and the power button key contact pads is okay, you may then try to trace and check the power key connection line paths down to the keypad pin connector and to a certain components that is where it is being connected. Refer to this solution below to locate such components.

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