How To Repair Nokia 108 Hang On Logo Problem


How To Repair Nokia 108 Hang On Logo Problem
Nokia 108 Hang Problem Solution

If your Nokia 108 hanging problem is due to a software glitch then it can be easily resolved by restarting your phone (temporary solution). However if it is a hardware problem then you really need to get your Nokia 108 to go through the entire procedure.

Reasons of Problems
Any of the apps that you have installed might be corrupt or outdated.
Memory card might be faulty or contains virus, hence causing this problem.
Keypad buttons of nokia 108 might be stuck.
Entire charging connector of your nokia 108 might be faulty.

Sometimes Nokia 108 hanging problem is due to software rather than hardware. Before you move towards hardware solution verify whether your memory card is corrupt or not, as if your memory card contains virus

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Hardware Solution:
How To Repair Nokia 108 Hang On Logo Problem
Nokia 108 Hang On Logo Problem Repair Solution

Clean battery terminals if they are water damaged.
Re-solder battery terminals.
Check entire board for water damage, if some components are water damage then clean it and replace all the water damaged components if necessary.
Check phone button for any water or physical damage. To check power button all you have to do is to
Remove above Highlighted component your problem will solve.

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