LG Optimus E410 Sim Card Jumper Solution Ways


LG Optimus E410 Sim Card Jumper Solution Ways
This article is for LG Optimus L1 II E410 No SIM card problem solution. So if your mobile is not accepting SIM card and you are sure that your SIM card is not faulty solutions in this post can be helpful to you.

LG Optimus L1 II E410Sim Card Not Detected issue occurs mainly because of hardware issue. There is a chance of one or more faulty sensors in the Sim card slot. The sensors also may become dirty. If the problem is just dirt, the take out the Sim card from slot and blow an air into the area. It will remove the stuck dust particles in the sensors. But if you realize the sensor is defective, then get it repaired.

Hardware Solution:
LG Optimus E410 Sim Card Jumper Solution Ways
In troubleshooting insert sim card problem you may first check and trace the SIM card pin connector connection such as the SIM card supply voltage and ground pin. IF these line paths were both okay,

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