Samsung GT-C3300K Champ Charging Solution Problem Ways


Samsung GT-C3300K Champ Charging Solution Problem Ways
Samsung GT-C3300K Charging Ways Problem Jumper Solution

Charging problem in Samsung Champ C3300K is really not a common one, but when it happens you really know that you are going to have a very bad time! Samsung GT-C3300K Charging problem can occur due to any of the reasons; it could either be due to water damage or physical damage

In the following lines you will get to know simple and effective troubleshooting methods to overcome Nokia 130 Charging problems.

Samsung GT-C3300K Champ charging problem:
Normally Samsung C3300K Champcharging problem is due to faulty charging connector, and in order to overcome that, all you have to do is to:
Remove Battery cover, Battery and C cover, then check charging connector’s pins
First Clean and remount all the pins of charging connector.
Put Battery in again and connect charger.

Hardware Solution
Samsung GT C3300K Champ Charging Solution Problem Ways

Charging the drive, the drive is charging function works exactly like the diode and capacitor, if it is broken then charging Drive between Min and charging line plus+, short of entry ways charging when you test sure your tester needle full shot of all, such as your tester between GND to GND as he explained that, in order to improve the short drive to the charging Charging missing, please dispose / Remove Drive is charging.

the latter, if one component that manages charging into the charging Ic is broken, whether it runs wet, please replace the appropriate components which we label the boxes with orange color at the bottom, check all components concerned with the charging , if there is a problem please use the components in the dressing other phones.

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