Samsung Metro Duos C3322 Charging Ways Problem Solution


Samsung GT-C3322 Charging Jumper Ways Solution Problem Repair
Samsung Metro Duos C3322 Charging Ways Problem Solution

Tips to fix the problem on the Samsung Metro Duos C3322 not charging, charging not support, or Usb charging Samsung GT-C3322 does not cooperate all, of these problems we will review and provide a way to fix it, most likely damage the usb connector usb charging or charging lines occur due to frequent charging plug and unplug that these problems arise, and to track, can be problems USB charging a break point in because release time less sophisticated charging connector to operate the blower, or it could be because the path usb charging your Samsung Android exposed to depleted water, and you do not immediately remove the battery, and drying the PCB Samsung Metro Duos GT-C3322.

Samsung Metro Duos C3322 Charging Ways Problem Solution
Samsung GT-C3322 Charging, Problem, Solution, Jumper, Ways

Now re-solder charging connector pins and check.
Check charging voltage with the help of multi meter. Place Negative terminal of multi meter on ground and Positive on a charging pin (1st pin from your left-hand side).
Make sure that the voltage is between 5V to 5.5V, if it is not then replace charging connector.

All of the above steps will surely help you to resolve your Nokia 5800 charging problems in the best possible manner. If you are lucky enough then simple workaround method will get the job done for you.

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