Microsoft Nokia Lumia 535 Touch Screen Problem Solution


Microsoft Nokia Lumia 535 Touch Screen Problem Solution
Nokia Lumia 535 Touch Problem ,Touch Screen Ways,Jumper

Solutions in this article are for Microsoft Nokia Lumia 535 Touch Screen problem. If your Nokia 535 touch screen is not working diagrams in this post can be helpful to you.

First of all you should test that your phone’s firmware is not causing this problem. To do that you need to access On-Device Diagnostics Tool in your mobile phone. If you don’t know how to do that read guide How to Test Diagnostics in Nokia Lumia 535.
Microsoft Nokia Lumia 535 Touch Screen Problem Solution
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Nokia Lumia 535 Touch Screen Jumper Solution Ways
The solution above showed a Touch Accelerometer chip that used to sense orientation, detect direction in multi-access direction of the Touch Plate module. If the chip is damaged the touch screen will not work and remains unresponsive. This chip needs a DC supply voltage of 2.78 volts in this designed on Microsoft Nokia Lumia 535 and also. The 2.78 Dc volts is also feeds and supply the touch plate module.
You may check this supply voltage first before trying to rework, re-ball or replacing the touch accelerometer chip.

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