Nokia 215 Ringer Jumper Speaker Ways Solution


Nokia 215 Ringer Jumper Speaker Ways Solution
Nokia 215 Speaker Ways Jumper Problem Solution Ringer Not Working- On this occasion we will try to discuss the issue on the speaker or earpiece Nokia 215 . Damage to speakers Nokia 215 often in the causes for the speaker itself that is damaged or not functioning can result from several things, such as the phone is dropped, the speakers filled with sand and others. Here are the simple steps to overcome the problem of speaker Nokia 215.

The first step that should be done is to check lubah tu speakers themselves, if the speaker issues a small voice, the speaker can be sure there is a dirt hole, try to clean it., to clean it does not resolve the issue try the next step.

The second step try changing the speaker, if the speaker is certain that the cause of the problem, simply by replacing the speaker has a problem could be solved, if it does not work out try the next step.
Hardware Solution:
Nokia 215 Ringer Jumper Speaker Ways Solution

The third step try to check the speaker lines as shown above, check one by one lane and a resistor connecting the speaker lines, if there is a path-breaking try doing jumpers with caution and care.
Nokia 215 Speaker Ways Solutions

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