Nokia Lumia 625 Touch Screen Problem Solution


Nokia Lumia 625 Touch Screen Problem Solution
Nokia Lumia 625 Touch Screen Connector Problem Jumper Solution Ways

This time will share solutions for mobile Nokia Lumia 625 Touchscreen problem, particularly for users who have a touchscreen issue / problem on his cell phone, so here we will give you a little review of the solution.

You have an Nokia Lumia 625 and touchscreen its not working? whether you change the new  Touchscreen troubled, if you have not done a new touchscreen replacement, then replace the first touchscreen Nokia Lumia 625.
But if the Nokia 625 you‘ve your new locker and turns the touchscreen still does not work / can not be operated, then the problem is not on the touchscreen, but the Nokia 625 jack your problem, try to carefully socket if the socket is fine , if the socket is damaged do replacement using the new socket, a red box on the following socket layout Nokia Lumia 625.

Nokia Lumia 625 Touch Screen Problem Solution
If the above step fails then look for any traces of water damage on your Nokia 625 motherboard. In case you find that then properly clean the entire board and also use a heat gun for a few seconds so that there are no traces of water left behind. This is also a one effective solution for that and any phone that has touch screen problem due to water or moisture is able to overcome this type of problem.
Now check whether touch screen connector Track Line is loose when connected with on-board connector or not, in case it is then all you have to do is to replace display screen and check.

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