Samsung SM-G361H Charging Solution Ways Usb Problem Jumper


Samsung SM-G361H Charging Solution Ways Usb Problem Jumper
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime G361H Charging Solution Jumper Problem Ways Charging Not Supported

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Core Prime G361H not charging, you may have often encountered problems similar to those we publish here, but different types of mobile phones, the lines are different also the location of components Ic and others.

In Samsung SM-G361H mobile phone has two of them, namely Drive Charging USB charging, and charging a small, in between these two functions are charging each Ic / components, so basically no one path / driveway but two charging for mobile phone Samsung SM-G361H, so the occurrence of one will not pose a problem charging two charging Ways Line Charging a small problem, you can do the charging Via USB charging connector.

Samsung SM G361H Charging Solution Ways Usb Problem Jumper

How to fix the path Usb Charging Samsung Galaxy Core Prime G361H
For this second step, you have to check the first path via Multi Tester, so you can easily find out a path-breaking or problematic, there are six lines that you must use a multi-tester checks, among which lane V-Charging Ground and for others the path Usb, please check Via multi-tester, the path which still produce voltage and which path to dropping out and not put out voltage lines jumpers must do, if you’ve found all the paths are not problematic and troublesome path, then you just looking for a way path that still produce a voltage drop out and to do jumpers, to facilitate you, below we provide Schema Usb charging Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G361H

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The schema already contained in the full path USB charging Samsung Galaxy Core Prime VE G361H, and you just do jumpers track usb charging properly, so that you can get your android phone recharging as before, and you do not need recharging using other charging instrument .
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