Blackberry 9900 Charging Ways Solution Problem Jumper


Blackberry 9900 Charging Ways Solution Problem Jumper
Blackberry 9900 Charging Solution Jumper Problem Ways Charging Not Supported

Charging problem in Blackberry 9900 is really not a common one, but when it happens you really know that you are going to have a very bad time! Blackberry 9900 Charging problem can occur due to any of the reasons; it could either be due to water damage or physical damage.

Reasons of Problems
Charging connector’s pins might be damaged, corrosive or dusty.
Charger is out of order or is not original. Battery might be faulty or copy.
Battery terminals might be corrosive or damaged.

Blackberry 9900 Charging Ways Solution Problem Jumper
Phone Blackberry 9900 does not fill due to many things such as broken lines, broken fuses, resistors and ic damaged. to fix it you have to check each component one by one in the charging path.
First if the charging connector is disconnected please make jumper directly to the fuse.
Second if the fuse is damaged enough to jumper the fuse.
Third. if the resistor is broken, please remove.
Fourth if charging is not supported please remove his ic. if all the above steps are done please try to connect the phone to the charger.

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