Nokia 108 Display Light Jumper Lcd Ways Solution


Nokia 108Display Light IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways
The Nokia 108 Light Lcd problem, How to repair lcd lights Nokia 108 light problem, light solution, such as cell phones often have had problems with the lights, because the Drive / diode lamp like this phone does not have a long durability, as he had never experienced a direct hit by water certainly problematic diode light the 108 phone.

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Nokia 108 Display Light Jumper Lcd Ways Solution
Nokia 108 Lcd Display Jumper Ways
you have to replace the defective light diode, you can use a simple but satisfying way of us is, how waste / remove the two diodes light, then did the jumper as Schema that is on top.

This means in addition allows you to fix the light well, light can live all like the original, keypad light of life as well as the LCD light. good luck

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Nokia 108 LCD Display Light IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways LCD Display Light Not Working
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