Microsoft Lumia 850 Mic Problem Ways Jumper Solution


Microsoft Lumia 850 Mic Jumper Solution Ways
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Microphone problem on Microsoft Lumia 850 due to some damage such as broken lines, broken resistor or the microphone is damaged. well at this opportunity we wants to share tips and tricks on how to repair the damage of microphone on the Nokia Lumia 850. please see the picture below to make improvements.

If your phone’s voice can not be heard by others is usually damage around the microphone. whenever our voice can not reach to destination mobile phone or we can not record our own voice in voice recorder of cell phone it means it Mic not working.

Microsoft Lumia 850 Mic Problem Ways Jumper Solution

So, check each of these resistors value, then replace if found already damaged.
If the supply voltage reading is okay, and the three resistors are also good, replacing the digital microphone will be the next option.

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Microsoft Lumia 850 Mic Solution Jumper Problem Ways Mic Not Working Microphone

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