Samsung G350E Network Problem Repair Solution


Samsung Galaxy Star Advance G350E Network Jumper Ways
Samsung SM-G350E Network Solution
Samsung G350E Network Problem Repair Solution Low Weak Signal

No network on your phone.
Low signals.
Phone just search for the network, but not connected.
Constantly falling signals.
Call drop issue.

Reasons for Problems
Your SIM card may be defective.
Your network operator may be having temporary difficulties.
GSM antenna contact may be rusty or could have found some kind of powder.
Contact Pines of the antenna are not adequately in touch with contacts GSM antenna.
Any of the coils and capacitors antenna network or Power Amp IC could be defective.
Secondary coil antenna may be defective.

Restart your phone and Samsung G350E check.
Remove and reinsert the SIM card and check.
Switch between different network modes and control.
Check with any other SIM card working, and that your SIM card or your network operator may be having problems.
Samsung SM-G350E Network Problem Solution Jumper Ways
Samsung G350E Network Problem Repair Solution

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