Nokia 108 Memory Card Ways MMC Solution


Nokia 108 Memory Card Ways MMC Solution
Nokia 108 MMC Problem Ways Solution Jumper

Encountering MMC problem is known to be one of the most common issues found in Nokia 108 RM-944, especially the MMC problem.however MMC problem can become the cause of several other problems including hanging your phone, data not saving, pictures not saving in phone etc. and for a lot of Nokia 108 related problems, one recommend that he should go with removing or formatting MMC card, hence allowing to overcome all that.

  • If your phone is water damaged and if you find any green carbons on Memory Card terminal contact pads, you must clean them.
  • Note: make sure that MMC terminals are perfectly connect with contact pads.
  • Then, check the fuse-resistor and filers using muti-meter, change them if it shows short or damage. then check the two contact pads of Memory Card are connected to fuse-resistor and filters.
  • If it not connected, you should put two jumpers to fuse-resistor and filters from the terminal contact pads.

The below image shows, how to put the jumpers on your Nokia 108 phone.

Nokia 108 Memory Card Ways MMC Solution

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