LG G4 H815 Lcd Light Ways Problem Jumper Solution


LG G4 H815 Display Light Jumper Lcd Problem Ways

This solution below shows the LG H815 LCD display backlight components that holds and control for the LCD screen display backlight to glow. If one of these components may become faulty due to wet or water damaged it will result to LCD’s backlight failure.

You may need to trace the connection line tracks, supply voltages and check some of the backlight LED driver components shown on the solution above. You may start to check the highlighted components for it is more prone to be easily damaged when a short circuit occurred. Check and replace if already found damaged.
Solution for LG G4 H815 Not working LCD display backlight LED White Display Problem

LG G4 H815 Lcd Light Ways Problem Jumper Solution

How to Make a Jumper in the Socket Display
Prepare a cable smooth and adjust the length that we will connect its tracks
Heat Tin with solder for attaching fine wires so that it will closely united.
Use a voltage tester to measure the jumper cables.

Tips & Warning
Make sure the jumper cables are connected properly so that it can deliver a good flow.
Make sure that the jumper cables are not connected directly with the other jumper cable.
The only hint of Mobilerdx on how to make a lane jumper socket on the LG G4 H815. good luck

LG G4 H815 LCD Display IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways LCD Display Not Working
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