Samsung SM-A500H Ringer Ic Problem Ways Speaker Jumper


Samsung SM-A500H Ringer Ic Problem Ways Speaker Jumper
Samsung Galaxy A5 A500H Ringer Ways Speaker Problem Jumper
If already tried to checked the speaker on Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A500H and seems it is working but still no audio sounds can be heard on it. This solution may possibly help fix and repair Samsung Galaxy A5 No Sounds can be heard on ringtones and hands free loud speaker.

After ensuring that speaker is okay , you may then check or replace the components showed on the solution below. These are composed of filter coils or inductors, you may also trace the audio signal line paths and check if the line is not open or cut.

The solution below shows the specific details of the speaker components circuit, you can check those connection line paths and components after ensuring that the speaker is working okay or already tried replacing a good one but still there is no audio or tones can be heard over the phone.
You may also first clean the speaker terminal pads if an oxidation build ups spotted.

Samsung SM A500H Ringer Ic Problem Ways Speaker Jumper

Samsung SM-A500H Ringer hands free speaker ways tracks
The solution above shows the IHF speaker connection and line paths which can be used for checking or tracing.
The IHF audio signals is feeds from the audio IC (AVILMA) and then filtered by filter coils before it goes through to the IHF speaker.

Tips for Repairing Samsung Galaxy A5 A500H Ringer IHF speaker:
a) Check the IHF speaker or try to install a new replacement spare parts.
b) Check the speaker terminal and contact pads and ensure that it is clean.
c) Check the filter coils and ESD protection resistors and then replace if found damaged.
d) Rework the audio IC if all of the above is been done but the problem still exists, this may possibly fix Nokia C6 Ringer Speaker no sound problem

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