Nokia 108 0 And * Button Not Working Problem Jumper Solution


Nokia 108 0 And * Button Not Working Problem Jumper Solution
0 and * button problem in Nokia 108 is a very rare issue, and a very few of us has encountered this issue. These only few people are those whose phones have encountered any physical damage, normally due to any fall or due to water damage.

In the following lines you will get to know all the possible solutions of Nokia 108 function button problems.


  • 0*button not working at all.
  • Slow response of function button.
  • Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Reasons of Problems

  • Phone might be water damaged.
  • Nokia 108 has suffered physical damage due to fall or any physical pressure.
  • A lot of applications might be opened in a single interval of time hence allowing the function button to delay the response time.

Nokia 108 0 And Star Button Not Working Problem Jumper Solution

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    I have nokia lumia 800 with battery draing faster issue.i checked if anything is short in the circuit board,Iam getting value of 325 in forward way & in reverse way its showing 1625 of value i am confused is the board short or some of the models have been dezined in such way. & when i checked out put voltage on a battery connector connecting charger the out put is only 2.25v-2.30volts but when negitive probe (black probe earthing) is touched to other area of the PCB board where the grounding lines or component upper cover it shows 4.16volts but again when connected to battery connector (black probe) grounding the out put voltage is 2.25v-2.30v kindly request you to help me with the solution & if possibel battery connector ways
    thank u

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