Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ G928C Sim Card Problem Ways Solution


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ G928C Sim Card Problem Ways Solution
For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ G928C users who had problems with Sim Card here we will provide a solution or a complete path Samsung SM-G928C sim card of your Android Smartphone, Dual sim card problem on this Android smartphone phone is not in thought, and did not know also why Samsung SM-G928C suddenly asked us to put the sim card when sim card already installed, what problems may exist in the connector sim card? Or in lane Dual Sim card connector, let us know the point of the existing problems in Nokia Lumia 1320 insert sim card, sim card problem, sim card solution.

Following are some of the common Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ G928C Sim card problems:
Sim Fails to read
It shows the error “Insert SIM Card”.
Sim not reading properly.

Reasons of Problems
Sim card might be out of order.
Sim contacts are not able to make proper contact with Sim card jacket’s contacts.
Sim card or card holder pins might be dirty, clean both of them and check.

Hardware Solution
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G928C Sim Card Problem Ways Solution

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ G928C Sim Card Ways Problem Jumper Solution
Fix all the misaligned pins or you can also chose to replace PCB holder too.
Check SIM voltage when the SIM card is inserted, it should be around 1.8v.
Trace every VSIM, SIM reset, SIM clk and SIM IO and Ground pins (as shown in above Figure)
Pin details as mentioned in above figure.

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