Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 WIFI Problem Ways Repair Solution


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 WIFI Problem Ways Repair Solution Jumper
Normally a new device doesn’t come up with any of the problems, until or unless it has some manufacturing faults in it. A good number of people have reported that they are experiencing different Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wi-Fi- problems in their phone, and this is surely one of the things that is making everyone crazy, as in most cases Samsung is not offering the device replacement, hence people are left with very few options.


  • Wi-Fi not working.
  • Wi-Fi device not found by the phone.
  • Wi-Fi option is disabled (Grayed out, which means that you cannot toggle between ON / OFF).
  • Data Packets are not transferring.
  • Connected but no signals.

Reasons of Problems

  • Phone might be water damaged.
  • Phone might have any kind of physical damage.
  • Wi-Fi router is out of order or not working properly.
  • Security Set on Wi-Fi router.
  • Wi-Fi router is not in range.
  • Antenna connector, antenna wire or Wi-Fi IC might be damaged.

Hardware Solution
The very first thing that you need to do is to find any traces of water or moisture on your motherboard, if there are then clean it properly and check.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 WIFI Problem Ways Repair Solution

If your Wi-Fi is not catching signals or if the packets are not transferring then all you have to do is to re-solder antenna connector and check.
If your Wi-Fi option is grayed out (disabled) then it means your entire Network section is inactive or disabled. Gently heat Wi-Fi IC and check.
In case heating doesn’t get the job right for you then you need to replace your Wi-Fi IC.

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