Samsung SM-T231 MMC Problem Solution Memory Card Ways

Samsung SM-T231 MMC Problem Solution Memory Card Ways
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T231 MMC Solution Memory Card Ways Not Working Problem Jumper

In this post Samsung SM-T231 memory card problem will be hopefully solved. In this phone memory card jack is placed below the SIM card jack. It is where you put the external memory cards to use with your mobile phone.

MMC problem Xiaomi Redmi 1S can occur because of faulty memory card jacket. It can also occur because of moisture or carbon. So first of all clean the memory card base and the general area around it if that does not work I have marked Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T231 Memory Card IC in the diagram below. Replace the Marked MMC IC and the problem will be solved.

Hardware Solution:
Samsung SM T231 MMC Problem Solution Memory Card Ways
If you have check above repairing steps and can not solve the memory card problem in Samsung SM-T231. Then Open mobile phone and after dis assemble of Samsung T231 check these jumper points that are given in above diagram in different colours.

This is a very easy job to do. then how to do it? please see the picture or diagram above to fix the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T231 MMC Not Working, Memory Not Detected and Ways Jumper.

If these points are not showing volt then apply jumpers and then check Redmi 1S for memory card.

Check mother board for water and rust damages clean the mother board for carbon and apply heat to make it dry.

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