Sony Xperia C5 E5563 MMC Ways Memory Card Jumper Solution


Sony C5  E5563 MMC Ways, Memory Card Problem Jumper Solution Ways, MMC Jumper

This solution is for Sony Xperia C5 E5563 memory card problem solution. If your phone get mmc problem solution in the following diagram can help you. Also you will find Sony Xperia C5 Ultra E5563 memory card ways and jumpers information in the diagrams further in this post.

In Sony Xperia C5 E5563 memory card problem can occur because of the faulty mmc ic or it’s bad connection to the cell phone’s motherboard. Bad connections can happen for many reasons like if it’s dropped or got wet, bad connection may also happen because of carbon, rust or even dirt. So first of all you should clean Sony Xperia C5 Ultra E5563 memory card ways mmc ic and motherboard of the mobile phone. You can use any cleaning liquid for this purpose like ctc or any other you prefer. If you are certain that the bad connection is not the reason for your mobile phone’s fault, then you can replace the MMC ic with a new one.

You can also try to re ball your mmc ic. But please keep this in mind that this is not an easy process. It is a tricky method and if you do not have much experience in the mobile phones repairing field you many damage your phone irreversibly, so it is not recommended. If you still want to do it here is rough guide on how to re ball an ic.

Here are memory card problem ways solution. Please observe carefully.

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Sony Xperia C5 E5563 MMC Ways Memory Card Jumper Solution

This is a very easy job to do. then how to do it? please see the picture or diagram above to fix the Sony Xperia C5 E5563 MMC Not Working, Memory Not Detected and Ways Jumper.

Here’s some hints on how to fix Sony E5563 phone with touch and type features.
1) If memory card is not detected error shows, try to use another working memory card. The memory card might be corrupt or already damaged.
2) Check for possible damaged and or clean the memory card connector pins and its surroundings components on the PCB board.
3) Check the firmware, reflash, restore or update to latest version if necessary.

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