Nokia X2-02 Handsfree Ways Headphone Jumper Solution


Nokia X2-02 Handsfree Ways Headphone Jumper Solution
Nokia X2-02 Handsfree Ways Headphone Problem Repair Solution

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 Handsfree Problem Repairing Solutions are available in the following article. Also you will find Samsung GT-I9505 Headphone Ways and Jumpers information in the diagrams further in this post.

Reasons of Problems

The problem might be in the Audio Jack of your phone, you might need to replace Audio Jack.
Volume settings might be low or there might be a problem in your headset.
Dry soldering of Audio Jack contact pins or any kind of water damage might also have damaged your audio jack on-board connector.


Check your phone’s volume settings and check.
Restart your phone and check.
Check with any other working headset in order to verify the actual cause of problem.

Nokia X2-02 Handsfree Ways Headpone Problem Repair Solution:

Nokia X2 02 Handsfree Ways Headpone Jumper Solution
Clean Audio jack contacts with the help of a cotton cloth and check.
Re-solder all the pins of Audio Jack and check, as sometimes it becomes dry solder or soldering comes off due to any kind of physical damage. Also check for traces of water damage and clean it.
If the above mentioned steps fail then replace your Audio jack with a new / working one.
All above method fails then make a jumper like below diagram.

All the above methods will surely solve your problem, but make sure that you check the status of your Audio Jack after every step you perform, as it might be able to solve that problem.

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