Samsung G316H Home Key Not Working Problem Jumper Solution


Samsung G316H Home Key Not Working Problem Jumper Solution

If your Samsung S Duos 3 G316H home button is not working or has become unresponsive, we have some possible fixes to share with you. We have come across that some users do seem to have persistent issues with the home button on Samsung  G316H. And we all know the story behind the home buttons

in older devices like the Samsung SM-G316H where it used to get clogged and unresponsive after a while.

You surely cannot use your Samsung G316H with a problematic Home button, as it will not only trouble you in a variety of ways but will also irritate you to the masses.

In the following lines you will get to know about all the possible Samsung G316H Home button problems, reasons of those problems as well as their solutions:


Samsung SM-G316H Home button not working.
Delay in response when Home button is pressed.
Samsung G316H Home button becomes stiff.

Reasons of Problems

One of the most common reasons for home button issue is that the phone might be water damaged, and this thing can happen even due to a single drop or a little bit of moisture.
Delay in response issue is normally due to the fact that your phone might be out of space or you might be running a number of heavy apps at the same time, hence the function to delay.
Dust or dirt particles can also stick under the home button, hence make it stiff or quite harder to press

Hardware Solution:

Samsung G316H Home Key Not Working Problem Jumper Solution

Samsung G316H Home Button Ways Problem Key Jumper

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When it comes to hardware, the very first thing that you need to do is to unplug home button strip and check its onboard connector for any loose contacts.
s4 home button strip connector and onboard connector

Clean both home button strip and its onboard connector, after you do that re-plug and check.
In the case of display strip still has a loose contact with onboard connector than change the entire charging dock strip, (Home button is at the charging dock strip).

Make Jumper As Shown Above Image.

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