Samsung Galaxy A7 Charging Problem Jumper Solution


Samsung Galaxy A7 Charging Problem Jumper Solution

Samsung A700H Charging Ways Charging Jumper Not Charging Problem Solution
Samsung Galaxy A7 A700H Charging Ways Charging Jumper Here is the solution for Samsung Galaxy A700H Not Charging problem like there is No Charging indication shows on the display when the battery charger is being a plug-in.
This problem is may cause by a faulty charger or faulty components on Samsung Galaxy A7 A700H PCB board. This problem may sometimes happen if the device suffered wet or water damaged or just exist.

Before proceeding, ensure that the battery and the battery charger are in good working condition.
– Check all the components shown in the image below, you may start by checking the USB pin connector.
– Then the fuse, diode, capacitors and filter coil for possible open or short circuit.
– Trace each of the connection line paths from USB pins down to the components where it is directly connected.


Before doing, Be sure to check the battery and charger are Exactly working condition. then verify the phone’s USB pin connector is broken or any fault.
Check the charging (+) and (-) line paths are short using a multimeter, if it shows short them, remove/replace the diode, capacitors and filters. also, replace the fuse. Note: use these work at your own risk.
Check all the components shown in the image below.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Charging Problem Jumper Solution

Before Disassembly First Clean Charging Port With Alcohol Or Liquid Like C.T.C Cleaner.

How To Repair Samsung Galaxy A7 A700H Charging Problem:

  1. If Problem Still There Then Disassembly Samsung Galaxy A7  For Charging Problem Solution.
  2. After Disassembly Clean Samsung A700H PCB Layout With C.T.C Cleaner And Remove Charging Port.
  3. Charging Port Wash Properly With C.T.C Cleaner After Clean Charging Port Of Samsung Galaxy A7 A700H Put Again.
  4. Check For Problem Resolved If Still There Then Replace Charging Port Of For Complete Solution Of Samsung SM-A700H Charging Pause, Battery Temperature Too High.
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Note: Every repairing solution posted here is tested by at least one member of our team. Use the information available here at Your Own Risk. We are not responsible if any harm comes to your device during the repairing process.
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