Nokia 105 Rm-1133 Usb Cable Pinout For Flashing


Nokia 105 Rm-1133 Usb Cable Pinout For Flashing
Nokia 105 Usb Cable Ways Usb Jumper Usb Pinout For HWK Box Usb Ways For ATF Box Usb Ways Solution

Here we would like to share the information with you all about how easy to root or flashing Nokia 105 Rm-1133. Take a USB Data Cable And Cut It Head Side, Then You Find 4 Different Cable. You Need Solder It Like Bellow Picture.

After waiting for a long time, finally, I got the solution to flash these phones. But to flash these phones, you need USB pin-outs. But don’t worry, I am here with the solution. All you need is a USB cable (Any simple USB cable). We only have to make a bypass USB cable. The following diagram shows how to do so.

The main pinout is seen picture below, see which wires connect to which point on set, just match the it & enjoy Nokia 108 USB flashing.

If you are new & want to flash this way then First cut any USB cable that you want to use for USB flashing.

Now follow the procedure…..(This procedure is for all)

Nokia 105 Rm-1133 Usb Cable Pinout For Flashing:

Pin Name Cable color Description
1 VCC Red +5 VDC
2 D- White USB Data –
3 D+ Green USB Data +
5 GND Black Ground

Nokia 105 Rm 1133 Usb Cable Pinout For Flashing

After attaching corresponding wires, you are ready with your handmade USB cable. The only limitation is that you can not repeatedly remove and insert USB cable into the phone. .;) You can only do so by the computer’s side. Anyways, now insert the USB cable to a computer, attach a battery to phone and press power on button on your mobile. Your computer will recognize the phone as Nokia USB ROM.

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Trick Jumper Pinout USB Cable Directly to the Phone Board
Attach the USB cable directly to the phone such as the picture above board. NOTE: make sure the jumper cables are not connected to each other, this will result in your computer cannot identify the mobile
Connect phone to your computer via USB
Select firmware Rm-1133 Or RM-1134, Nokia adjust the version you are using
Put the firmware such as MCU, PPM, CNT. If you do not have please search first provider of firmware free on google.
When all is done just the way you are right flashing.
Tips and Warning
If you enter the wrong firmware will cause the phone to Local Mode. because I never experienced a firmware error and phone to local mode.

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