Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Charging Paused Problem Repair Solution


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Charging Paused Problem Repair Solution
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Many Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite owners complain about the fact that their smartphone won’t charge anymore, as it says that the battery temperature is too low. If you are also in this situation, then I am sure of the fact that you need some help.

Samsung smartphones usually use Li-ion batteries that usually have to charge issues when the temperature is lower than 4°C. In such cases, the faulty thermistor that reads the battery temperature is the one that usually causes such a “Charging paused: Battery temperature too low” problem.

Other Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite owners think that this is the result of a broken hardware. There might be some water on the charging contacts inside the phone or this is the result of a faulty logic board. If the temperature in the room where you’re charging your phone is a normal room temperature, there has to be a hardware malfunction and you’ll have to take some measures:

Hardware Solution:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Charging Paused Problem Repair Solution

If the charging is slow then all you have to do is to check with any other Samsung charger, but you have to make sure that the charger is original, as slow charging issues almost always occur with phones using 3rd party chargers.
Clean battery charging pins and check.
Clean charging connector pins.

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