Samsung S8 G950F Insert Sim Card Problem Ways Solution


Samsung S8 G950F Insert Sim Card Problem Ways Solution
Samsung Galaxy S8 Sim Card Ways Not Registered On Network Problem Sim Card Jumper Insert Sim Solution

Here I fix Insert SIM Card and Not Registered On Network error on Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F Android phones. Insert SIM card error and Not Registered On Network occurred in many phones and smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, BlackBerry and other Samsung phones. The problem is when you try to call or use the internet, the error says “Insert SIM card” or “Not Registered On Network“. When you trying to open Mobile Networks, it says “Insert SIM card to access network services?“. I have already found the easiest way to fix Not Registered On Network and it’s working for me. But there are tons of users still fascinating Not Registered On Network Error, so I will try to fix these type of errors and that will solve your problems.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that just dust or rust is not causing this issue clean the Samsung SM-G950F  SIM card connector and check if all the legs are in good shape if there is any kind of damage to the SIM Card connector replace it with a new one.

Hardware Solution:

Samsung S8 G950F Insert Sim Card Problem Ways Solution
Samsung S8 G950F Insert Sim Card problem, Flex Jumper Ways Solution

The solution above may help if having trouble finding the replacement for the flex ribbon cable, you may only need to apply a jumper wire on an opens line paths after tracing it.

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Here are the hints in troubleshooting the Samsung Galaxy S8 Insert Sim Card Problem:
1. Check the flex ribbon cable assembly. Replace if severely damaged.
2. Clean the SIM slot and the flex pin connector.
3. Check the VSIM voltage across the 0 ohms resistor. Check/replace the resistor if damaged.

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