Nokia 3310 Charging Ways Solution USB Problem Jumper


Nokia 3310 Charging Ways Solution USB Problem Jumper
Nokia 3310 207 Charging Solution Usb Ways USB Not Working Problem Charging Jumper Fake Charging Solution

Today we’ll give you the steps to fix Nokia 3310 battery charging problems. Motorola’s new phone is great. However, users have reported experiencing problems, even without it ever being dropped or damaged.

One of the worst parts of having a Nokia 3310 is when it does not charge. The first thing you can check is the charging port if it is broken. The charging port can be replaced with a new one or can also be repaired. The guide below shows how to fix the Nokia 3310 charging port if it is broken:

How to Fix Nokia 3310 Not Charging Problem

There are several factors creating charging issues on your Nokia 3310. Here we have shared complete solutions to fix the issue.

Before proceeding, ensure that the battery and the battery charger are in good working condition.
– Check all the components shown in the image below, you may start by checking the USB pin connector.
– Then the fuse, diode, capacitors and filter coil for possible open or short circuit.
– Trace each of the connection line paths from USB pins down to the components where it is directly connected.


Before doing, Be sure to check the battery and charger are Exactly working condition. then verify the phone’s USB pin connector is broken or any fault.
Check the charging (+) and (-) line paths are short using a multimeter, if it shows short them, remove/replace the diode, capacitors and filters. also, replace the fuse. Note: Use these work at your own risk.
Check all the components shown in the image below.

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Nokia 3310 Charging Ways Solution USB Problem Jumper

Some of the other most common causes of the problem of the charger on the Nokia 3310 not working may be the following, including the Nokia 3310 not charging – gray battery problem:

  • Bent, broken or pushed in connectors on the device or battery.
  • The phone is defective.
  • Damaged battery.
  • Defective charging unit or cable.
  • Temporary phone problem.
  • The phone is defective.

If the charging is slow then all you have to do is to check with any other Samsung charger, but you have to make sure that the charger is original, as slow charging issues almost always occur with phones using 3rd party chargers.
Clean battery charging pins and check.
Clean charging connector pins.

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