Samsung B313E Ringer Ways Solution Speaker Jumper


Samsung B313E Ringer Ways Solution Speaker Jumper
Samsung SM-B313E Ringer Solution Speaker Ways  Speaker Jumper Speaker Not Working Problem Handsfree Ways

To repair the Samsung B313E hands, free speaker, you may first clean the speaker terminal contact pads on the PCB board if there is a corrosion and oxidation build up., then check the speaker using a multimeter to easily determine if it’s working or not. Replace a damaged speaker if found. If the speaker confirmed okay, you may refer to the solution below and do have a check and test procedure on some components which is associated or connected with the hands-free speaker circuit.

Here’s the Samsung B313E solution for not working ringer, buzzer or hands-free speaker problem. This solution may help on how to troubleshoot and repair the phone handset.

Hadrware Solution:

Samsung B313E Ringer Ways Solution Speaker Jumper

Check the buzzer using a multimeter. Replace if already damaged. a distorted audio sound is a cause by a weak buzzer. or it is already burned out. (internal coil is damaged).
If the speaker is good and seems no problem, ensure that the terminatable not misaligned. Then clean the buzzer terminal contact pads for possible oxidation build ups (this might weaken the connection).
Check each of buzzer+ and buzzer- corresponding connection line paths accross to each components where it is being connected.

How to Solve and Fix No Sound in Mobile Phone Speaker Problem

  1. Check the volume setting first. Check if the mobile phone is on silent or vibrator mode. Change the mode if required.
  2. Make a phone call to someone or customer care of your network provider and check the volume. Increase volume if required.
  3. Check if the No Sound from Speaker problem happens always or during certain condition. Do functionality test by dialing the code – *#0*# to verify if there is any parts problem or not.
  4. If the sound problem happens always then check the speaker and the mic.  If any of them is damaged then replace immediately.
  5. If the speaker sound problem happens on certain conditions or situation then upgrade the Software / Operating System (OS) to the latest version.
  6. For the earphone sound problem, check for any dust in ear-jack. Remove all dust and make sure it is clean and free from dust.
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Have you every faced no sound in mobile phone problem? How did you fix it? Do share your tips and experiences via comments.

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