Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus G955F Power Button Ways Solution


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus G955F Power Button Ways Solution
Samsung SM-G955F Power Button Jumper On-Off Button Ways Solution Power Button Not Working Problem Set Dead Fault

One of the common issues plaguing Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus G955F owners is the inability of the device to turn itself on from time to time. This issue can be due to a few factors and can manifest itself in a few different ways. Below are some of them.

Here’s the jumper ways solution for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus G955F ON and OFF switch if the handset device showed charging indication when the battery charger is a plug-in but unable to power up when the power button is being pressed.

Besides that, a problem in power button might also cause your phone to restart at times, which becomes very much annoying and it troubles you to the masses.

In the following lines you will get to know about Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus power button problems as well as their solutions:


For Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus G955F power button problem there is no workaround method, however, you can try using a pin and move it all around the Samsung Galaxy J5 power button, as this might be able to take away some stiffness from your power button.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Power Switch Hardware Solution
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus G955F Power Button Ways Solution

The two upper or legs of the power switch are connected to the PCB’s ground lines.
The other two which is in lower is the power switch line paths, just locate the test spots as shown on the solution above where to apply a jumper to reconnect its connection.

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